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Writer's Block: So Sensitive

What are you most sensitive about?
Currently I am most sensitive about people asking my mood because, of late, I feel nothing. It's all numb. The doctors have put me on this new medication to "stabilize" my mood. Apparently they think feeling numb is better than feeling pain. I have to protest this! However, I cannot just stop my medication. That never turns out well. So, stop asking how I feel because I don't. Thank you.

Happy One Month, Sweetheart

Well then, there is only one thing to do.

I would like to propose a toast.

To the past.

To the present.

And to, most of all, the future.

To love…

May it always be true.

To friendship…

True friendship that never fades.

And to losers…

That’s how it all began.

“It’s better to burn out, than to fade away.”

Fifteen Minutes

The difference 15 minutes can make.

If I had called my father 15 minutes earlier than I did;

I would have been picked up later than I was;

I would have been there when the hair show scout showed up;

I would have spent Saturday with Chance;

I would never have fought with my parents all day;

I would have gone to the metal show;

I would never have been given the ultimatum by my parents;

I would have slept over at Jessica's house;

I would have gone to the hair show on Sunday;

I would never have gotten on the bus to Cape Breton;

I would have gone to BMHS the next day;

I would never have started at Memorial;

I would never have met you.
Name three life-changing experiences you went through and explain why you chose those experiences in particular.

1. The first day I self-injured: I was ten. Everything in my head and in my heart was aching. And with a simple action, the sliding of a sharp blade across virgin flesh, I began a war within myself. That first assault, that first battle, was the beginning of something I never could have imagined.
2. My relationship with a certain man: I was fourteen. He was twenty-one. Enough said.
3. The death of a close friend: I was fifteen. I wanted to commit suicide and then he did. And it changed my entire outlook on life... and on death.